Why Yard Grade is Important for Drainage

Why Yard Grade is Important for Drainage

September 22, 2022

If you’ve ever experienced water pooling in your yard after a rainstorm, then you know how important it is to have the grade of your yard correct. A professional drainage contractor can help you determine the grade of your yard and make necessary adjustments to ensure proper drainage. In this blog post, the yard drainage professionals at Hydroscapes will discuss why yard grading is so essential for drainage and how you can improve the situation if it’s not ideal.

What is Yard Grading?

Yard grading is the process of ensuring that your yard slopes away from your home and other structures on your property. This is important because it helps water drain away from these areas, preventing pooling and flooding. If your yard does not have proper grading, you may experience issues with drainage after rainstorms or when the snow melts. 

By modifying the slope of your yard, you can prevent water pooling and redirect water flow away from problem areas in your yard and towards drainage solutions like street gutters or French drains

House With Large Sloping Yard

Why is Yard Grading Important for Drainage?

Yard grading is important for drainage because it helps ensure that water flows away from your home and other structures on your property. This prevents pooling and flooding, which can damage your home or lead to mold and mildew growth.

If you’re having problems with drainage on your property, the first step is to check the grade of your yard. If it’s not ideal, you can hire a professional drainage contractor to make the necessary adjustments. This will help ensure water flows away from your home and other structures, preventing pooling and flooding.

How Does Fixing My Yards Grade Affect Drainage?

Once your yard has been appropriately graded, you should see a drainage improvement. This is because water will flow away from your home and other structures instead of pooling in these areas. If you have experienced flooding or water damage in the past, fixing the grade of your yard can help prevent this from happening again.

What Are Some Signs That My Yard May Need to Be Graded?

There are a few signs that you can look for that may indicate that your yard needs to be graded. If you see puddles of water on your property after it rains, this is a sign that the grade of your yard is not ideal. Another sign is if you notice that your gutters are constantly overflowing. This is usually a sign that the grade of your yard is too steep and water is not flowing away from your home correctly. If you see any of these signs, you must call a professional drainage contractor to have your yard graded as soon as possible.

Flooded Grass in Backyard

What are Other Benefits of Having My Yard Graded?

There are several benefits to having your yard graded, besides the drainage, including:

  • Preventing pooling and flooding
  • Reducing the risk of water damage to your home
  • Preventing mold and mildew growth
  • Improving the appearance of your yard

Having your yard graded correctly significantly affects how your drainage system works. If you have any questions about yard grading or need a professional to look at your property, contact Hydroscapes today! We would be happy to help you improve the drainage on your property.

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