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Enjoy Outdoor Living After the Sun Sets

It takes a team to deliver an artistic vision blended with technical competence. And it takes strong listening and communication skills to transform your property into a nighttime joy for you and your family. We have had 20 years to practice these skills as the premier landscape lighting contractors in the area and are ready to increase nighttime beauty and security on your property.

Hydroscapes Lighting For A Pool and Back Patio At Night

Lighting System Design

We begin every new customer relationship with a complimentary consultation. Our lighting lighting designer will coordinate a time to meet you at your home so that we can walk the property together, review your needs, priorities, budget and get inspired! At times, a temporary demo lighting system can be installed to help property owners better envision a portion of what the result may look like.

Lighting Set On At Night Outside The Front Of A Home

Lighting System Installation

Our office will contact you to coordinate a start date and time, have all public underground utilities marked in advance, and can assist in the permitting process if required. Our installation crew will communicate progress while on-site and the installation foreman will review the system functionality with you and provide a tutorial upon completion. As an added value to our customers, we offer a very competitive 2-year labor warranty on all of our work and support manufacturers’ warranties thereafter.

Hydroscapes Lighting For A Driveway At Night

Lighting Maintenance

As with any major utility or household appliance, regular lighting service will help to keep your system functioning at its best. While we use industry-leading components and best practice techniques in all of our work, landscape lighting exists in an outdoor environment where conditions are uncontrollable and damage can happen. We are prepared to assist from routine inspections to urgent repair needs. On every service visit, you can expect high-quality professionalism and small business personalization which echo the superior results our customers have come to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why install landscape lighting in the first place?

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This may seem like an obvious question but its an honest starting point for a lot of folks. You may ask 10 different property owners and get 10 different answers. Here are some of the most popular and practical to consider:

Usability: Don't let the end of daylight savings deter you from being outdoors late into the evening.

Value: With the addition of quality outdoor lighting, some homes have shown an increase in value by as much as 12%.*

Security: Deter intruders with motion sensor-based lighting and by illuminating potential hiding spots.

Safety: Improved visibility allows for easier navigation of walkways and avoids slip and trip hazards.

Curb Appeal: Give your property an instant facelift by illuminating your favorite architectural elements and focal landscape features.

Does someone need to be present for the initial consultation?

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We highly recommend that any parties involved in the decision-making process be available at the time of the appointment. This includes the landscaper if lighting will be installed in tandem with new plantings or hardscapes. This allows everyone to walk the property together, discuss illumination objectives, design options, timelines, budgets and get a good visual for component placement.

How long does an installation take?

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Most residential projects take 1-3 days to complete, depending on the size of the property and the complexity of the design. We do our best to give you an upfront timeline so that you can plan accordingly. We will also communicate progress throughout an installation.

Does someone need to be home during the installation?

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As the majority of the work is completed outside, we have quite a bit of flexibility in this regard. We do ask that someone is present for any interior wiring that is needed. Once the work is complete, we will coordinate an evening time frame to come back to your property to review the work, make final adjustments if needed and review operation.

How expensive is a lighting system to install and to operate?

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The cost honestly varies as each system is designed to suit the lighting objectives of each property. We can certainly work within a budget and provide different fixture and bulb-type options to help you make the most cost-effective choices. See our LED Lighting FAQ page for more specific information about energy use and comparative pricing.

Does a lighting system require yearly maintenance?

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As with any appliance or utility, regular service is required to keep your system in optimal working order. Nightscapes can customize an annual lighting maintenance plan based on your budget and your needs. Check out our Lighting Maintenance page for more info.

Will Nightscapes install line voltage systems?

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We no longer install line voltage systems, opting to take advantage of low voltage halogen or LED-based systems. We feel obligated to exercise due diligence by exclusively installing a higher quality system that we can stand behind, in addition to making a more environmentally friendly choice. If you have an existing line voltage system, we can still assist with making repairs or evaluating for a system retrofit.

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