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Full-Service Lawn & Garden Sprinkler Services

Simplify Your Landscape Maintenance

Experience effortless lawn care with Hydroscapes' automatic irrigation and sprinkler systems, tailored to keep your outdoor space vibrant and lush. Enjoy the convenience of advanced, efficient watering that ensures your garden thrives.

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Custom Irrigation System Design

Every landscape is unique. At Hydroscapes, we design irrigation systems that are both automated and tailored to your specific outdoor environment, enhancing the beauty and health of your gardens and lawns with precision.

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Expert Sprinkler System Installation

Professionalism and client satisfaction are the roots of our custom irrigation and sprinkler system installations. Rely on Hydroscapes’ experienced team for seamless integration of these systems into your landscape, ensuring efficiency with minimal disruption.

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Comprehensive Irrigation System Maintenance

Ensure the longevity and efficiency of your irrigation setup with Hydroscapes’ maintenance services. From routine inspections to urgent repairs, our dedicated team keeps your system performing perfectly, letting you enjoy a pristine garden effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of maintenance does an irrigation system require?

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Regular maintenance is essential to keep your irrigation system running smoothly. Typically, customers call Hydroscapes in the spring for a system "start-up" and again at the season's end for system winterization, preventing freeze damage.

Can Hydroscapes service or modify a system that you did not install?

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Absolutely! We often assist customers who are dissatisfied with their previous providers or who have inherited inefficient systems. We take pride in meeting the challenge of upgrading existing systems to optimal functionality.

What impact does regular use of the system have on my expenses?

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Our cost-effective systems feature programmable controllers and rain sensors that ensure efficient water use. This technology minimizes waste compared to traditional methods like garden hoses, resulting in significant savings and ease of use. We also provide watering tips to optimize your system's efficiency.

How will a new installation affect my lawn?

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We prioritize minimizing disruption to your landscape. We install underground piping using a Vibratory Plow that makes clean cuts through the soil and hand-dig in sensitive areas to prevent damage. Affected areas are restored with seeding and straw to promote quick regrowth, making it difficult to notice any disturbance after about a week.

How long does a new installation take?

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Most residential installations are complete within 1-3 days, depending on the property size and design complexity. We provide an estimated timeline upfront, though variables like weather and soil conditions can affect the schedule.

Does someone need to be present for the initial consultation?

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It is beneficial for decision-makers to be present during the initial consultation to discuss needs, objectives and component placement. This also allows for any immediate questions to be addressed. While remote estimates are possible, in-person visits are preferable for a comprehensive assessment.

Does someone need to be home during installation?

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While most installation work is external, we require someone to be present for about 2 hours during the backflow-preventer installation. Access to that area is needed if you prefer the controller inside, such as in a garage. Otherwise, no one needs to be present until the work is complete.

How expensive is an irrigation system to install?

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Costs vary as each system is custom-designed. We provide various options to fit your budget and ensure you receive the best value over time. Our systems are designed for efficiency and long-term savings.

How easy is it to operate an irrigation system?

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Our customers generally find the irrigation controller easy to use after initial guidance. We select user-friendly models and provide a thorough tutorial post-installation. Our technicians are always available to answer any operational questions.

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