Yard Drainage System Maintenance Tips from The Experts

Insider Tips for Maintaining Your Professionally Installed Yard Drainage System

July 24, 2023

After having a professionally installed yard drainage system, many homeowners often wonder about the best ways to maintain it. Ensuring it functions optimally year-round can be a tall order, especially without the proper knowledge and guidance. That’s where we, the Hydroscapes team, come in to simplify the process for you. This guide offers valuable tips on how to maintain your yard drainage system, keeping it in the best possible shape.

Regular Inspection and Cleaning

Regular inspection and cleaning is one of the most critical steps in maintaining your yard drainage system. Look out for any signs of clogging, such as standing water or slow drainage after a rain shower. Use a garden hose to flush out any minor obstructions. It may be best to call the professionals for persistent blockages or any signs of damage.

Backyard With Deck And String Lights

Manage Leaves and Debris

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, but fallen leaves can wreak havoc on your drainage system. Regularly rake your yard and remove leaves, twigs and other debris that could block your drains. Also, consider installing leaf guards on guttering and drain grates, which can significantly reduce the likelihood of clogging.

Regular Grass Cutting and Plant Control

Grass and other plants can help and hinder your yard’s drainage system. Grassroots, for example, can help to absorb excess water, improving drainage. However, if left unchecked, they can also grow into the drainage system, causing blockages. Regular grass-cutting and plant control can strike the right balance.

Grass Cut on Backyard

Don’t Forget the Gutters

Your home’s gutter system plays a significant role in yard drainage. Keeping them clean and free from obstructions is crucial to maintaining the entire system. Check your gutters regularly for debris, particularly after heavy winds or during the fall season.

Man Cleaning Gutter

Soil Aeration

Another tip for maintaining your yard drainage system is periodically aerate the soil. This process, which involves making small holes in the ground, allows water to penetrate deeper into the ground, improving your yard’s drainage capacity.

Taking care of a yard drainage system involves several crucial steps – from regular inspections to plant control, debris management, and soil aeration. While these tasks are essential, they can be overwhelming without professional guidance. With Hydroscapes, you don’t just get a professionally installed drainage system – you also get a system that’s designed with easy maintenance in mind. Reach out to us at Hydroscapes, and let us equip you with a drainage solution that protects your yard and is manageable, making your outdoor space more enjoyable throughout the year.

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