Benefits of Incorporating Rain Gardens Into Your Landscaping

The Benefits of Incorporating Rain Gardens Into Your Landscape Design

March 22, 2023

Everyone is looking for the next best way to keep their yard looking great and the water flowing properly without spending too much time or money doing so. Rain gardens are a great way to accomplish this, and on top of that, they are eco-friendly and sustainable ways to lower erosion and control stormwater runoff. So before you decide whether you’d like to invest your money and time into a rain garden, we’ll use this blog post to take you through what a rain garden is, the benefits and some popular designs you can incorporate into your yard.

So, What is a Rain Garden?

Simply put, a rain garden is a small downhill slope filled with plants, shrubs and trees that catches and filters rainwater runoff. It then absorbs the water, allowing it to seep into the soil and nourish the plants in it. They also hold the polluted water caught in them, and the plant roots and soil will filter out the pollutants.

What Are The Benefits of a Rain Garden?

Rain gardens can bring a plethora of benefits to your yard. As previously mentioned, they’re an eco-friendly way to lower erosion and control stormwater runoff. They prevent runoff water from flowing into your community’s storm drains and polluting nearby lakes, rivers, canals and more. On top of that, they won’t require watering because of the water it has already captured from any storms that have passed by your area, so it’s low maintenance and can help reduce your water bill. 

Finally, and this is probably the best part, it can make your yard more aesthetically pleasing as the plants and foliage growing in the rain garden will attract wildlife like butterflies and birds of all different colors, which means you’ll create a one-of-a-kind scenery that will have all of your neighbors talking.

What Types of Rain Garden Designs Are There?

Rain gardens come in various shapes and sizes, and which one you choose depends on your yard. The more traditional basin-shaped rain gardens are a popular choice amongst landscapers. Linear rain gardens are also a good choice as their long tapered strip designs are perfect for placing along driveways or sidewalks. Finally, if you want to attract gorgeous-looking butterflies and create a picturesque scene perfect for photo ops, you’ll want to consider making a butterfly rain garden. 

No matter what types of plants or trees you put into it or what style of garden you choose, a rain garden is an excellent time and money-saving way to take your yard’s health and image to the next level. If you’re interested in building a rain garden of your own, but don’t have the time or resources to do so, consider calling us! Hydroscapes is not your typical landscaper. We are a specialty service contractor that provides custom irrigation and landscape drainage solutions to our local Southeastern, PA community. Whether you have new shrubs that need to stay hydrated, massive puddles in your yard from heavy rains that require drainage or need to build a rain garden, our team can design, install and maintain a solution for your unique needs!

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