Wet Basement FAQ


Is basement moisture normal?
If it has been an ongoing problem for some time, interior moisture may come to be regarded as normal. However, with a comprehensive drainage system in place, it is not something you will have to deal with indefinitely. From health issues caused by mold to property damage like wood rot, moisture can slowly play a destructive role in your life. At times, the water itself is not evident but these telltale signs are indicative of its recurring presence. If in doubt, give us a call and we are happy to come take a look.

How did water get into my house in the first place?
There are two primary means by which unwanted water gains entry into our homes. When water that has accumulated on the outside of a house finds cracks, window wells or foundation weaknesses, seepage occurs. Over time, water can gradually worsen gaps, causing moisture threats to increase in tandem. The second means is through hydrostatic pressure. When the water table beneath a house rises against the foundation, water commonly gets forced through cracks and holes.

If I have water in my basement, is a sump pump the only recourse?
Not necessarily. Often times, significant storm water issues can be properly addressed on the exterior of the home using various landscape drainage techniques, customized to your property's geographic conditions. See our landscape drainage page for more information.

How long does an installation take?
Depending on the size of your basement and complexity of needed interior drainage, installations can take anywhere from 1-3 days to complete. Occasionally, situations arise where the original time estimate needs to be exceeded in order to not compromise the integrity of the work and effectiveness of the installation. However, we pride ourselves on customer communication and will keep you apprised as to the job's progress.

Lots of contractors install sump pumps... why trust Hydroscapes to do the job?
Trust is the key word. Hydroscapes has been building an outstanding service reputation in Southeastern Pennsylvania for over 15 years. We recently won our first Angie's List Super Service Award and look to repeat in coming years. We live in the community in which we work and truly pride ourselves on the customer relationships we build and the quality of the work which we do. Read about our Service Promise in a message from our owner, Rob Kratz.

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